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Would you like to change your annual picnic? Are you looking for renovation and looking for entertainment in privileged places? Do you seek to travel to a privileged location where you can find fun, comfort and tranquility along with stunning scenery, charming nature and multiple parks? It is only these features, but also excitement, suspense and other features? Are you looking for all of these combined at the same time and in one location? If yes, you are specifically looking for tourism in Malaysia. Thus, for you this article was prepared.

In the following article we will address the nature of Malaysia and the most prominent types and attractions of tourism. Starting with recreational tourism, highland tourism, adventure tourism, the article goes to focus on cultural tourism, religious tourism, honeymoon tourism, beach tourism and therapeutic tourism. You will find the most prominent attractions in each type of tourism, the most prominent hotels. In a brief manner, you will find in this article a brief guide on all tourism in Malaysia.


Malaysia Overview:

The magic of the East and the fragrance of civilizations.


Malaysia is located in the South East Asian Pavilion. The country is divided into thirteen (13) states and federal territory. Its capital is Kuala Lumpur and its official religion is Islam.

The South China Sea passes through the territory of the State, dividing it into two parts: eastern Malaysia and the Peninsular Malaysia. Malaysia is located between Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei. Malaysia is one of the most economically modern unique country. To the end of the 20th century, the country has witnessed an economic boom and a wide-range leap impact. This helped Malaysia to join the Group of eight developing Islamic countries. Although industry is one of the most important resources of Malaysia, its largest economic tributary is tourism.

Tourism sources in Malaysia are diversified as it can be divided into various types of tourism, such as recreational tourism, beach tourism, religious tourism, educational tourism and other types which are mentioned in detail in this article. Tourism in Malaysia is characterized by the abundance and diversity of tourist destinations and their proximity to each other, as well as the government's interest in it, which is always renewed and vibrant.



♠ Leisure Tourism:

Cities of saliva and amusement parks

Malaysia has many recreational venues, parks and gardens which are frequently visited by many leisure tourists, Malaysia’s tourist attractions:

♦ Sunway Lagoon Theme Park:  It is one of the coolest amusement parks that captures the magnificence and integrity of the mind. It is considered a top-level resort in Malaysia. It is located in the resort of La Wen's amusements and has a variety of water and electric entertainments, with over 80 different and interesting games that are suitable suited to all ages and tastes. As it contains a resort on the singing gardens, zoos and birds, it is a privileged location to spend time and relaxation, and leisure for all family members. The resort provides exciting and challenging performances, where there are high waves that allow surfing, with several unlimited fun and entertainment. The resort also has the largest industrial beach and has a fun sunset at this beautiful beach. There are a lot of adventures like jumping out on the largest outstanding bridge on the East Asian level, the House of Horror, and the train of death.

♦ The Lost World amusement park in Ipoh :   It is a very fascinating amusement park, which fits all tastes, contains games of all shapes. There are stone statues of many animals and there are water games in the theme park. There are games for children, containing the city of tigers, with several forms of fun, excitement and entertainment. If you are traveling to Malaysia do not miss going to the lost World amusement park in Ipoh.

 ♦ LEGOLAND Water Park in Johor :    It is a top-notch amusement park, which has many games, such as fast dragons, water cars and other from the picturesque entertainment and leisure, the Ligoland's second largest amusement park in Malaysia is considered after the La Maison Lagoon.


♠ Beach Tourism and Islands:

Recreation and romance

  شواطئ وجزر ماليزيا

Malaysia is a peninsula because the water surrounds it from three sides. In addition to the China Sea, which divides the country, Malaysia possesses several beacheswhich are pure water and scenic scenery, and some beaches have hotels or chalets over the water, and you have detailed some tourist attractions in Malaysia featuring beach tourism:

♦ Langkawi Island:   It is one of the most beautiful islands with a charming aesthetic nature, which attracts tourists with its magnificent views. It has a lot of hotels. The island's picturesque beaches are divided into some private hotels that belong to a specific hotel and are only frequented by the residents of this hotel. The hotel is one of the most important tourist destinations in Malaysia, and includes many hotels such as: Westin Langkawi Hotel, Blanaki Beach Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel Langkawi, Hotel Tajun Roh and many other hotels which are considered as the most important tourist attractions in Malaysia.

♦ Penang Island:    On Penang Island there is the splendor of the scenery, and the beauty of nature is charming and picturesque. A tourist cannot miss it due to its picturesque scenery. There are shopping centers, there is a great airport on the island, and there are a number of luxury hotels, in short, Penang Island that a reasonable person cannot miss.

♦ Sabah Island:    One of the islands that you can't miss, where you can find the scenic scenery, the water is distinctive, and there are plenty of dazzling and charming landscapes.

♦ Tuoman Island in Malaysia:    One of the finest Malaysian beaches, the water is so pure that you can see the bottom three meters away. There are many hotels and restaurants local, famous for scuba diving and education, glass boat trips that rob the pulp and dazzle the eye with stunning seascapes, as it spreads on its shores coconut palm.

♦ Pangkor Island  in Malaysia:    A charming and picturesque island located in the Bay of King, with the resort of Pangkor -Uoi, a private property, it includes many hotels such as the Pankor Regency Hotel, and the Tilok Dalam Pankor Hotel, which is intended for tourists who are looking for calm and the beauty of nature.



♠ Meditation and Highland Tourism:

Enjoy Malaysia's scenic landscapes

  مرتفعات جنتنج هايلاند ماليزيا

 مرتفعات الكاميرون هايلاند

Malaysian nature includes many scenic tourism forms, such as Highland Tourism, where Malaysia's land includes hills and mountains, and other heights that are attractive to tourists are amateur meditation. There are various places that contain this type of tourism.

♦ The heights of the Genting :    It is one of the most important heights, which is about 2000 meters away from the sea level, which makes it cold, and it is located at the top of the mountain amusement park. There you can find the high-rise nature of the witch where the clouds can be touched, and enjoying the charming top view, along with playing in the amusement park, these heights are about one hour away from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, and there is a cable to move people from around the middle of the altitude, and it is one of the fastest cable types. As for the casinos on these heights, they work every day from 10:00 to 6:00 p.m., except for the holidays, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

 ♦ Malaysia's Cameron Highlands:    one of Malaysia's finest heights, with charming scenery, and the atmosphere is charming because of the rise of the surface level land, the Highlands are picturesque planting, and they contain enough charming scenery to make them a permanent element in any directory of the Malaysian state.



♠ Adventure Tourism:

Let your journey be  adventure and  challenge

المغامرات في ماليزيا

Given the nature of the picturesque life in the state of Malaysia, which attracts the attention of many adventurous lovers, such as the places that are famous for adventure and attract adventurous tourists

♦ The adventures of Skytrex in Malaysia:    A special amusement park for children, which is similar to the Malaysian forest and contains many interesting adventures

♦ Diving Adventures:    If you are a diving enthusiast and lovers of that kind of adventure, Malaysia is certainly one of the most appropriate countries to practise your hobby. In Malaysia you can enjoy your adventure in an unspeakable way. Malaysia is filled with a lot of good water places to dive and enjoy the sights picturesque sea. For example, the island of Langkawi Water has a peak in magnificence, and its marine life is very diverse, which calls for you practice scuba diving and enjoy it. In addition, in the Shoman Island you can enjoy the water which is very serenity. You should not miss the dive practice

♦ Taman Negara Malaysia:    A park, meaning in the local language national park, was declared a nature reserve due to its wildlife, insects and other living organisms rare, which in some species does not exist anywhere else, the nature of the forest in the region attracts the lovers of the Savannah and the adventure to roam in the region, one of Malaysia's most important attractions.



Honeymoon Tourism:

Malaysia is romantic


Given the many tourist destinations in Malaysia, considering the charming and picturesque nature of all places, those wishing to spend a month can special honey go to Malaysia to get the best and most distinguished places. Examples of places where you usually want to spend a special honeymoon?


♦ Langkawi Island:    Where the picturesque nature and many tourist attractions in Malaysia

♦ Penang Island:    It has the charm of nature, the quietness of the scenery, and the quiet and relaxed romantic atmosphere, making it the most suitable place to spend a beautiful romantic time like a honeymoon.

♦ Cameron Highlands:    Cameron Highlands is a place where the tranquil nature, scenic scenery, and Highland Heights, where the height and proximity of clouds lend a distinctive romantic atmosphere, and fit for a honeymoon that cannot be forgotten for a lifetime.

♦ KUALA Lumpur:    The visionary capital, where there is a privileged service, where there are scenic spots, romantic gardens, and quiet hotels, making it a good place to spend the honeymoon.

♦ pangkor island:    Where calmness and stunning charm of nature, excellence, featured hotels, and appropriate prices.



 Cultural Tourism and heritage:

Multiculturalism plays an important role in tourism 

 الثقافة والتراث في ماليزيا

The state of Malaysia is a fertile land for the lovers of heritage and culture, where there are many cultures and traditions inherited, and many religions and ethnicities, if they are a multi-talented environment and a race in Malaysia

♦ Malawians:    They are the largest group in the population of Malaysia, and this term is given to people of Malaysian origin who have embraced Islam and they speak the official language of the country, the Malay language, and the Malawians make up about 50% of the population.

♦ The Chinese:    The second largest group after the Malawians, are immigrants who have come to Malaysia in the 19th century, some speak Chinese, some speak other languages, are divided into Hobkin, Cantonese

 ♦ Indians:   They are also a migrant delegation from India

In addition to the original races such as Orange Asli, Kadazan Dossu and Baguu and other races and ethnicities in the unique Malaysian community.



 Religious tourism:

Special character of the diversity of religions in Malaysia

 مدينة بوتراجايا سيلانجور ماليزيا

Religious diversity in Malaysian society is a major attraction, with the religious manifestations of each religion being far apart. There are numerous shrines religious related to each of them, and therefore each religion has to look for its shrines, for example:

♦  Blue Mosque in Shah Alam   : one of the largest and most magnificent mosques, featuring Islamic motifs, and a lot of worshippers, so it is estimated that the number of worshippers who can pray in the mosque at the same time is 15,000 thousand serum.

♦ Red Mosque Of Putrajaya

♦ Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin in  Brunei, Malaysia.



 Business tourism:

money and Business Country , Malaysia


Malaysia is famous for attracting businessmen to spend family holidays and quiet evenings. This is because it is attractive for craft enthusiasts. It also attracts gift lovers value, where the craftsmanship is dotted with handicrafts such as knitting, sacred tissue yarn, wax textile industry and other crafts.

Malaysia also hosts many important conferences, which are indispensable to any businessman, and Malaysia visits many businessmen for the purpose of participating in international conferences important, meetings with the business community, where Malaysia is the most suitable place for businessmen to spend distinctive working times, and to enjoy the time after the meeting at the same time.



 Educational Tourism:

The first ranks globally in education 

 التعليم في ماليزيا

Malaysia has started to act as an attractor for educational tourism due to the development of its educational system, so many students are seeking university education and postgraduate studies. Due to the accuracy of education and the low price at the same time, it is the difficult equation that Malaysia has successfully achieved. Malaysian universities also have an advanced arrangement for Asian universities and international universities in general; one of the most renowned universities is that of foreign students.

♦ Islamic Science University of Malaysia

♦ University of Technology MARA

♦ University of technology Malaysia



 Therapeutic tourism:

Therapeutic tourism in Malaysia

  الطب في ماليزيا

Hospitals in Malaysia are a major attraction, providing quality, exceptional medical care and highly qualified doctors. The most prominent nationalities seeking medical tourism in Malaysia are Indonesian nationals, due to the geographical proximity between them and the high level of medical care in Malaysia which differs from medical care in Indonesia. This is something that attracts many tourists. One of the most popular hospitals that attract tourists to Malaysia is plastic surgery, dentistry, cardiology, kidney, orthopedics, children and other specialties. Some of these hospitals are:

♦ Benang Advanced Hospital: Located in Jalan Burma, Malaysia

♦ Twin Towers Medical Center Hospital: Located in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur

♦ National Institute of the Heart: located in the Malaysian Jantong Niagara.

For all these infinite pleasures, and the diverse and many places, tourism in Malaysia is one of the most important destinations for tourists, whatever the person's objectives, it is a comprehensive tourist destination, recreational tourism, pleasant landscapes, pure water, distinctive marine activities, and whatever tourists may crave, Malaysia is dream of entertainment.


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