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A tourism company based in Malaysia, which operates in the field of tourism and provides all tourist services to the Arab tourist in Malaysia and South East Asia from hotel reservations, internal flights, transportation and tours by private cars and tour guides, led by a specialized administrative staff consisting of a young educated group with high experience of Arab nationalities Malaysia has long experience in tourism and travel beyond 12 years.

To be the first choice for all wishing to get the best tourist services in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Providing all tourist services to all Arab travelers, groups, corporate clients, tourist offices and tour operators of Arab nationalities who wish to visit Malaysia and other destinations of South East Asia, whether they are groups, families, weddings or individuals. All the requirements through type, class and price, through a team of young educated and highly experienced of different nationalities, qualified and ready to provide all kinds of tourism services and travel on demand.

- To maintain good relations and distinguished with all its customers.
- Ensuring the preservation and development of working relations and distinguished friendship that binds with all dealers.
- Contribute to the development of tourism in Malaysia and Southeast Asia to meet the needs of its visitors.
- Commitment to the after-sale service and its implementation to the fullest.

- Care and commitment to provide excellent services that meet the client's request commensurate with the amount paid.
- Directing notes and advice to the client and putting his interest above all considerations.
- Commitment to customer service with a distinguished level and build strong and lasting relationships with them.
- Provide additional services and special attention to permanent customers and corporate clients, agents and tour operators.

- Special prices and competition in the most hotels, transportation, transportation, and tours, less than the price of any other platform.
- Offering quality tourism services and products of high quality, in a pleasant tourist resort and care that meets the satisfaction and satisfaction of all customers.
- The speed of responsiveness, interaction and flexibility in dealing with the requests and inquiries of customers were individuals and groups or companies and Mnadeb and tour operators.
- Providing a rapid communication platform with our 24-hour customer service center.
- Full compliance with all agreements and formal dialogues exchanged during the correspondence and commitment to implement them to the fullest in any circumstances.

shawate Tourism & Travel is committed to meeting and implementing all customer requirements for tourism services of all types. It deals with the requests of its customers and provides services to suit all their needs and meet all their wishes.
Following is a quick overview of the company's services.

Hotel reservations
It is keen to secure all hotel reservations to its customers so that they can benefit from the discounts given to the company by the hotels and other features.

Reception and greeting
The company is interested to receive and farewell all visitors by private cars and other services such as raising a banner on behalf of the client, to provide roses to the grooms and mobile segments.

The company arranges all transfers between Malaysian and Southeast Asian cities by aviation, buses, ferries and private cars.

The company is interested in organizing all trips to all tourist areas of gardens and parks according to the wishes of the customers themselves by choosing places without forcing or restricting, private cars of multiple sizes and types fit the number.

Honeymoon Programs
The company is interested in organizing trips for the grooms in a more romantic atmosphere, providing them with additional honeymoon special services, and a special recommendation in the hotels and the allocation of modern cars, air conditioned and comfortable and customized on request.

VIP and business services
The company is interested here in providing all types of services that you provide, which have been mentioned previously, but are redrafted and presented to be suitable for the level of service required by the business and VIP, in addition to many services and facilities for businessmen.

Yeah. 99% of hotel prices including 6% government taxes, 10% service and company fees. There will be no other charges for the price offered. However, please check the note in the total cost of hotels. You can also check your 24-hour customer service staff by calling on one of these numbers (+ 601133000554 + 601133209070).

Note: Prices do not include the tourist tax imposed by the Ministry of Tourism of Malaysia on 1 September 2017, which is 10 ringgets per room per night in all cities of Malaysia, in addition to 3 Ringt in Langkawi Island and 4 Ring in Penang Island.

The tax rate is 6% of the price of each item or item that is paid as a sales tax to the government. This tax is imposed by the government on all sales. The service charge is the fees charged by the hotel as service charges such as cleaning, And other services.

Yeah. All prices are inclusive of the company's fees and the company does not charge any other amounts if it does not add anything beyond the agreed.

Please note that the prices shown are room rates and do not pertain to the number of individuals. However, please note that each room in all hotels is equipped for two persons only, meaning that the number of beds is double beds for two or two single beds for two persons. Extra bed value or breakfast value.

The hotel reservation rate does not include transfers to and from the airport, but we can add you service by a price difference.

Yeah. Most hotels change prices and offers from time to time, we do not guarantee that prices remain in case of delay confirmation of the reservation.

No. The offer submitted is a preliminary proposal and not a confirmed reservation. We do not guarantee that the availability or prices will remain in the event of delay in payment of the advance payment, and if the proposed rooms or hotels come into effect after the transfer of the advance payment you are offered alternatives at the same level at a different price. Note that we can not in any case the detention of rooms in principle the hotel system is universal open reservation system for all without monopoly.

We suggest that you stay in certain hotels based on your choice of standard, location and location.

The policy of all the hotels in the world is that the reception time is from 02:00 - 03:00, departure at 12:00, but some hotels may have received you the room before this time if there are empty rooms and the hotel is cooperative, Departure The hotel may charge you an additional charge as a delay fine and in this case our company does not take responsibility for that.

The company does not bear any penalty imposed by the hotel because of the delay in delivery of the room from the date specified globally, so please deliver the room at 12:00 noon.

In case of delay in delivery of the room by 12:00 noon, the hotel deducts the amount of the delay from the insurance, or charges you a fine and a duty to pay it in a mandatory manner.

This request is based on availability and possibility of the day of stay, and this is not free.

You must deliver the room at 12:00 pm according to the international hotel system. You can place the luggage in the hotel safe and spend the rest of the time enjoying the hotel's pursuits or going to the market or the mall until you arrive at the airport or you can ask the hotel to extend the departure time by The possibility that the extension will be in a financial amount determined by the hotel.