About Shawate Travel & Tours

A Glimpse of Shawate Travel and Tourism:

A tourism company based in Malaysia, which works in the field of tourism and provides all tourism services to the tourist to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and some south-east Asian countries for hotel bookings, inland flights, transportation and tours touring with private cars, tour guides led by a specialized administrative cadre of Arab and Asian nationalities with long experience in tourism and travel over the 12 years.


The naming of Company:

We have chosen this name for the company because it is combining the finest features and picturesque features of the South-East Asian Nations.

These characters are eventually assembled to make up the word Shawate “Beaches” which are also decorated with the islands and cities of South-East Asia, featuring Shawate “Beaches” as one of the most important and coolest recreational attractions and places suitable for convenience and recreation, it is also ideal for a romantic honeymoon on the golden sands and the blue coasts amidst a charming collection of beaches and lush green hills, with shawate travel and tourism company you will be happy to see this charming paradise.


We guarantee you:

- Special prices and competition in most hotels, transportation, transportation and tour tours, below the price of any other platform.

- Providing quality tourism services and products, in a pleasant tourist atmosphere and caring for customers ' satisfaction.

- Speed of responsiveness, interaction, and flexibility in dealing with customer requests and inquiries.

- Provide a special platform for rapid communication with our customer service center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

- Full compliance with and commitment to the fullest implementation of all formal agreements and exchanges between us.


Our Vision:

Our company is the first option for all those wishing to have the best tourism services in South-East Asia.


Our Goal:

Provision all tourism services to all customers of companies, tourist offices, tour operators

and Individuals of Arab nationalities wishing to visit Southeast Asian countries and tourist

destinations Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, whether they are groups, families, grooms or individuals, in a distinctive way, competitor, fits all requirements through type, item and

price, through a working crew composed of an educated young group with high experience of different nationalities, qualified and ready to provide all kinds of tourism services, travel, and demand.


Our policy:

- Ensure good and privileged relations with all our clients.

- Ensure the preservation and development of the distinctive working relations and friendship that bind us to all dealers.

- Contribute to the development of tourism in South-east Asia to meet the needs of its visitors.

- Commitment to and full implementation of after-sales service.


 Core Values:

- Care and commitment to providing excellent services that meet the client's demand for accuracy and professionalism.

- Directing notes and advice to the customer, bearing his interest above all consideration.

- Commitment to customer service at a privileged level and building strong and enduring relationships.

- Provide additional services and special attention to permanent customers, corporate customers, agents and tour operators.


Activities and Tourism Services:

We are interested in meeting and implementing all of your requirements for all kinds of tourism services, where we study your requests and provide services that suit all your needs and satisfy all your desires.

Here's a quick overview of our services.

Hotel Reservations:

We care to secure all hotel bookings for you so that you can take advantage of the discounts granted to us by hotels and other features.

Reception and Farewell:

We are interested in receiving and bidding farewell to all visitors by private cars and other services such as raising a banner in the name of the customer, delivering roses to the grooms.


We arrange all transfer between the cities and countries of South-East Asia by flying, buses, ferry, and private cars.

Tours and trips:

We are interested in organizing all trips to all tourist areas from gardens and parks, depending on your desire to choose places without coercion or restraint, with special vehicles of multiple sizes and species suited to the number you would like to organize the tourism program.

Honeymoon programs:

We care about organizing weddings for the grooms in a more romantic atmosphere, offering additional honeymoon services, special recommendations in the hotels and the allocation of modern cars, comfortable and decorated on request.


Services of the “business and businessmen":

VIP and Business Services:

We are interested in providing all types of services we provide, which have been mentioned previously, to be redrafted and presented to be suitable for the level of service required by the business, and the VIP "in addition to many services and facilities for businessmen.



With Regards: Management of Shawate Travel & Tourism Company.