Four Points by Sheraton Phuket Patong Beach Resort

Why booking with shawate for travel and tourism?

Why booking with shawate for travel and tourism?

  • Wi-Fi in public areas
  • Free Wi-Fi in all rooms
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Fitness center
  • Wellness center and Spa
  • Massage and massage
  • sauna
  • jacuzzi
  • Laundry service
  • Ironing service
  • Daily cleaning service
  • Restaurant / Restaurant
  • bar
  • Pool bar
  • Room service
  • lift
  • Facilities for disabled
  • Luggage storage service
  • parking
  • currency exchange
  • 24-hour reception
  • Express check-in and check-out
  • Connect the luggage to the room
  • Shuttle service and tours
  • 24 hour queries
  • Weight of luggage
  • Smoking place
  • baby daycare
  • Kindergarten
  • Children's Garden
  • Shoe polish
  • Shops for shopping
  • Barber
  • Beauty salon
  • Gift Shop
  • Sewing service
  • Public bathrooms
  • guard
  • Delivery trolley
  • Tennis Court
  • Bicycle rental
  • Hall Meetings
  • Training rooms
  • Fax and photocopy of documents
  • Newspapers
  • Room for non-smokers
  • Air conditioning
  • TV screen
  • Free bottled water
  • Telephone
  • Clothes hangers

Yeah. 99% of hotel prices including 6% government taxes, 10% service and company fees. There will be no other charges for the price offered. However, please check the note in the total cost of hotels. You can also check your 24-hour customer service staff by calling on one of these numbers (+ 601133000554 + 601133209070).

Note: Prices do not include the tourist tax imposed by the Ministry of Tourism of Malaysia on 1 September 2017, which is 10 ringgets per room per night in all cities of Malaysia, in addition to 3 Ringt in Langkawi Island and 4 Ring in Penang Island.

The tax rate is 6% of the price of each item or item that is paid as a sales tax to the government. This tax is imposed by the government on all sales. The service charge is the fees charged by the hotel as service charges such as cleaning, And other services.

Yeah. All prices are inclusive of the company's fees and the company does not charge any other amounts if it does not add anything beyond the agreed.

Please note that the prices shown are room rates and do not pertain to the number of individuals. However, please note that each room in all hotels is equipped for two persons only, meaning that the number of beds is double beds for two or two single beds for two persons. Extra bed value or breakfast value.

The hotel reservation rate does not include transfers to and from the airport, but we can add you service by a price difference.

Yeah. Most hotels change prices and offers from time to time, we do not guarantee that prices remain in case of delay confirmation of the reservation.

No. The offer submitted is a preliminary proposal and not a confirmed reservation. We do not guarantee that the availability or prices will remain in the event of delay in payment of the advance payment, and if the proposed rooms or hotels come into effect after the transfer of the advance payment you are offered alternatives at the same level at a different price. Note that we can not in any case the detention of rooms in principle the hotel system is universal open reservation system for all without monopoly.

We suggest that you stay in certain hotels based on your choice of standard, location and location.

The policy of all the hotels in the world is that the reception time is from 02:00 - 03:00, departure at 12:00, but some hotels may have received you the room before this time if there are empty rooms and the hotel is cooperative, Departure The hotel may charge you an additional charge as a delay fine and in this case our company does not take responsibility for that.

The company does not bear any penalty imposed by the hotel because of the delay in delivery of the room from the date specified globally, so please deliver the room at 12:00 noon.

In case of delay in delivery of the room by 12:00 noon, the hotel deducts the amount of the delay from the insurance, or charges you a fine and a duty to pay it in a mandatory manner.

This request is based on availability and possibility of the day of stay, and this is not free.

You must deliver the room at 12:00 pm according to the international hotel system. You can place the luggage in the hotel safe and spend the rest of the time enjoying the hotel's pursuits or going to the market or the mall until you arrive at the airport or you can ask the hotel to extend the departure time by The possibility that the extension will be in a financial amount determined by the hotel.

All rooms include breakfast for 2 persons at 99%, however please check with the customer service staff if there is any non-breakfast room

Breakfast includes 2 people per room only, and charges an extra fee for the rest of the guests.

This can not be done, please note that breakfast time starts from 08:00 AM  until 10:00 AM

Most hotels include breakfast for only one child less than 12 years old, and there is an extra fee for the rest of the children

Most hotels do not mind sleeping in the parents' room with or without an extra bed. They do not add any extra expenses if no additional bed is requested. However, we can say that each hotel has its own policy. Some of them pay breakfast or have to request an extra bed.

All hotels allow one extra bed per room according to the size of the room, and some small or honeymoon rooms do not allow the addition of an extra bed.

All hotels offer twin or double rooms, and can choose the right type during your arrival.

That can not be done. All we do is recommend that the reservation is a double room, and the order is provided for check-in and check-in time. We do not guarantee that the bed is at all double

The single rooms are designed on the basis of two separate beds for two persons, while the double rooms are double beds for 2 persons.

All these applications are subject to availability and can not be guaranteed.

Yes, this is direct via the hotel and an extra charge. If you request an extra bed, the bed fee includes free breakfast for 3rd person.

Most hotels allow children to stay in the room with parents with or without an extra bed, in case there is a third person can request the addition of extra bed at an extra charge, as breakfast will have an additional charge.

You can not be aware of the breakfast provided, it is up to each hotel what is necessary to provide, but in general, the hotels with levels 5 and 4 stars, they offer international cuisine suitable for all nationalities and all categories

Extra beds can be requested during the arrival of the hotel when needed, and from the hotel, you can know the bed feels as the extra bed charges varies from one hotel to another

That can not be done. All our contracts with hotels inclusive of breakfast are compulsory.

Below the name of the room are the details of the room These details contain an explanation of all the contents of the room and its policy.

If a hotel or two hotels are required, full payment is required until the booking is confirmed, whereas if the request for more than two hotels requires payment of 20% of the cost as a down payment.

It is up to you, but be aware that the rooms are implemented whenever you delay the confirmation of the reservation, or perhaps the price increases, the hotels are changing prices from time to time according to the size of the requests do not ensure that the prices remain the same or keep the possibility of booking the required category, At a lower price

You can request booking by means of one of the following means, indicating the date of entry and departure in the Gregorian calendar, the number of people, and the number of rooms.

- Fast communication with customer service on one of the numbers by wattsp: 00601133000554 - 00601133209070

- Send a booking request via e-mail to

- Sending a room booking request by booking form shown below in front of the room

- Send a booking request via a form Contact us at:

If you have requested to book more than two hotels, the payment period is two times. The first stage is to confirm the reservation. This requires you to pay a deposit of 20% and the payment method is available at the following link:

  And the rest of the amount is paid on the day you arrive the country to travel to meet you the representative of our company in the first hotel in which you receive the rest of the amount owed cash full and you are issued a voucher, and if you requested the reservation of a hotel or two will require payment of the full amount

Presently, unfortunately, this feature is not available and we are working on introducing it into the payment features.

You can, but depending on the availability and price of the confirmation day, because most hotels are full on arrival or at different rates, but we can suggest others at the same level and at a close price.

This is not possible as long as the reservation is made for us at a cheaper rate based on a contract between us and the hotel, the price is different from the hotel direct price.

Delivery of the advance payment The bank transfer or bank transfer notice is considered as a formal receipt, or we can edit your receipt when receiving the advance payment and send it to you by e-mail or any other electronic means, either delivery of the remaining payment will be an official document to be released by the representative of our company at the interview.

Within 24 hours after the transfer of the advance payment, we will send you the confirmation of the reservation, indicating the receipt of the amount and the amount of the amount received and the balance owed to you.

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